How to Make Sea Moss Gel

Making sea moss gel at home is super simple following the process below.


Needed: 1 ounce of dried golden sea moss, large bowl, purified spring or filtered water, cover for bowl or saran wrap, high-powered blender.


Cleaning the Dried Sea Moss

Prior to use, sea moss should be cleaned to remove the sea salt and any particles it may have picked up in the ocean. You will want to have clean hands and use room temperature spring or filtered water to clean the sea moss. Unfiltered tap water is not recommended for cleaning or soaking sea moss.


Measure 1 ounce of dried sea moss and clean it by massaging the sea moss in a bowl of water or under a waterspout that has a filter in place. You will want to do this for approximately 2-3 minutes to make sure all the salt and particles have been removed.


Soaking the Sea Moss

Soak time: 12 hours


Now that the sea moss is nice and clean, it’s time to rehydrate it by soaking it for approximately 12 hours. Grab your large bowl and place the sea moss in it.  Cover the sea moss with purified, filtered or spring water. You will want to fill the bowl until the water is about 2 inches above the sea moss to allow room for expansion. Sea moss expands significantly once rehydrated with water. Finally, cover the sea moss with a lid or saran wrap and allow it to soak it for 12 hours.


You can leave it on the counter to soak at room temperature or place it in the fridge. Both methods work well.


After 12 hours you will notice that the sea moss has significantly expanded from absorbing the water, and it has also changed to a lighter color.


Making Sea Moss Gel

After the sea moss has finished soaking, drain the water from it and discard the water. Some like to reuse the soaking water for blending the gel, but we choose to discard it and start with fresh water.


Prior to blending the sea moss, you may want to cut up any long strands that may damage the blender.


In your high-powered blender, blend the sea moss with 2 cups of purified, spring or filtered water for approximately 2 minutes. The higher powered the blender is, the smoother the gel will be. If after blending for 2-3 minutes, you have a lumpy gel with unblended chucks of sea moss, the blender may not have enough power.

Note: The sea moss gel will thicken significantly once chilled. If you prefer a lighter/thinner gel, you can increase the water by up to ½ a cup to decrease the thickness.


After blending, store the sea moss gel in an airtight container or mason jar and refrigerate. The sea moss gel will thicken as it cools in the fridge.


Sea Moss Gel Storage

Store the sea moss gel in an airtight container in fridge. It will remain fresh for about 4 weeks.  Sea moss gel can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months, but it must be stored in a container that has enough “head space” to allow for expansion. Sea moss expands when frozen and can break through containers that don’t allow enough space for this expansion. Glass containers are not recommended for freezing. Ice trays are a very popular option for freezing sea moss gel and can be conveniently added to a smoothie.


Serving Size

The daily serving size of sea moss gel is 2 tablespoons (tbsp), or 10 grams (g).