1st FDA-Registered Fruit Flavored Sea Moss Gels in America

In early 2020, founder of EverSmith Organics, Samantha Smith, created the very first FDA-registered, fruit-flavored sea moss gels in America, leading a market that quickly gained enormous traction and the attention of entrepreneurs nationwide.


During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Ms. Smith was confident she had contracted the Coronavirus. At a time where Dr’s were unable to assist her, she was determined to find a natural remedy to help her breathe better, and aid in removing the mucus in her lungs. Prior to contracting the illness, she had no respiratory issues or underlying health conditions. After extensive research, Ms. Smith discovered sea moss. Not only was it all-natural, but it also boosted the immune system, which was a bonus.


Unfortunately, sea moss was very difficult to obtain in the United States, and most of what she could find was “fake”. Upon finally receiving authentic sea moss from the Caribbean, she consumed it as sea moss gel, which drastically improved her symptoms and aided in her recovery. This prompted Ms. Smith to craft her own fruit-flavored recipes, to make the sea moss gel more flavorful and pleasant to eat by itself. Plain sea moss gel is typically mixed with a beverage, smoothie, or food to mask the taste and texture.


Due to her culinary background, her recipes were an instant success, gaining great popularity amongst her friends and family. The overwhelming demand for her products led her to create the first-ever FDA-registered, fruit-flavored sea moss gels, which have since gained popularity nationally, and worldwide.


Recognized as the first of its kind, her fruit-flavored sea moss gels have been a bestseller on Amazon for over three years and have generated over $4 million in sales in its second year alone. Her company EverSmith Organics was also the first in Virginia to be approved by the Department of Agriculture to manufacture and sell sea moss products, which has paved the way for others to follow in its footsteps.


In 2023 Ms. Smith was made an honorary member of Marquis Who’s Who in America to highlight her achievements.