Supporting Sea Moss Farmers

EverSmith Organics is dedicated to supporting the local sea moss farmers in St. Lucia. We have personal relationships with our suppliers and visit them regularly to maintain these relationships. We also work closely with the local governments to ensure the quality and safety of our sea moss supply. Both the ocean waters and the sea moss are tested for heavy metals, toxins, and other impurities regularly.


Helping the farmers maintain and expand their farming operations is a true passion and commitment of ours. Each purchase of our sea moss products helps the farmers fund their daily operations and purchase new supplies and equipment to expand their operations. As sea moss gains popularity around the world, and the demand increases, the farmers need our support to be able to afford innovative technology to meet the growing demand.


Sea moss farmers also face challenges due to the tropical storms and hurricanes that can wipe out an entire harvest in a matter of hours. When this happens, we do our best to assist the farmers in quickly recouping their loss so they can regroup and move forward.


Although sea moss grows in many areas along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, we chose St. Lucia as our supplier due to their clean, unpolluted ocean waters, and high safety standards. We have tested sea moss from several different locations in the Caribbean and found St. Lucia’s Sea moss to be of the highest quality.