EverSmith Organics, 1st in Virginia approved by the Department of Agriculture for Sea Moss Products.

After an extensive process that took almost a year, EverSmith Organics became the very 1st company in Virginia to be approved by the Department of Agriculture to manufacture and sell sea moss products. This came after their notable achievement of creating the first-ever FDA-registered, fruit-flavored sea moss gels in 2020. Getting this stamp of approval was no easy task, involving the expertise of food scientists, attorneys, food safety specialists, and of course the local governments. 


Sea moss, being derived from the sea, and being non-acidic, must be governed by strict regulations and protocols to ensure its safety for public consumption. If not prepared and packaged properly, it can grow harmful bacteria and pathogens that you can’t see, taste or smell. Sea moss must also be tested for heavy metals to ensure safety and compliance with government regulations.  


Currently, most sea moss gel on the market is perishable, meaning it’s not shelf-stable and must maintain a temperature of 40 degrees or lower to prevent the growth of bacteria and pathogens. When shipping perishable sea moss gel, an ice pack is not sufficient to prevent bacteria and pathogens from growing, unless the product can be shipped overnight, delivered at a temperature of 40 degrees or lower, and refrigerated before it drops below that temperature. 


EverSmith Organics sea moss gel is shelf-stable and does not require an ice pack or refrigeration prior to being opened. This means it can be shipped at any speed, and arrive safely to the customer, regardless of temperature.


If you purchase sea moss products online or in person, make sure it is from a trusted source that is both FDA-Registered and approved by the Department of Agriculture in their state. This will ensure the safety of their products.